Category 1 Global Business Company (‘GBC1’)

A GBC1 has access to Double Taxation Agreements (‘DTA’),  provided that the local tax authorities are satisfied that effective control and management of the foreign company is in Mauritius.

A GBC1 may carry on business in Mauritius and/or deal with residents, subject to the prior authorisation of the FSC.

Key features:


  • There is no minimum stated capital, except for certain financial services business activities;
  • Capital can be denominated in any currency except Mauritian rupee.

Shares and shareholders

  • Minimum of one shareholder allowed;
  • Shareholders may be individual or a corporate entity;
  • Shares may be subscribed by nominees but beneficial owners must be disclosed to the authorities;
  • Company may be limited by shares or guarantee or by both;
  • The shares of the company may be issued with or without a par value provided that all ordinary shares or all preference shares of the company consist of one kind or the other;
  • Annual meeting must be held every year not later than 15 months after previous meeting and not later than six months after balance sheet date.

Directorship/Officers (Secretary)

  • Minimum of two directors who must be natural persons, one of whom should be a resident director;
  • To be able to access the DTA, a minimum of two resident directors is required;
  • Must at all times have a qualified company secretary who is resident in Mauritius.

Bank account

  • May open and maintain a local bank account in Mauritian currency for the purpose of its day to day transactions arising from its ordinary operations in Mauritius;
  • May open and maintain, with a bank, an account in foreign currencies.

Board meetings

  • Board meetings should be held, chaired and minuted in Mauritius.


  • Must maintain all accounting records in Mauritius;
  • Must prepare financial statements in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards;
  • Must file the annual audited financial statements with the Financial Services Commission;
  • Must file Tax Return with the Mauritius Revenue Authority.


  • Taxable on its profits at the rate of 15%; however, it benefits from a deemed foreign tax credit of 80% of the tradable profits, such that the net tax is 3% of the taxable profits;
  • In the event the company can show evidence that the foreign tax is greater than 12%, then the amount of foreign tax can be claimed as a tax credit against tax payable up to a maximum of 15%;
  • Must apply for a Tax Residency Certificate (‘TRC’), which is issued by the Mauritian Commissioner of Income Tax.


  • A foreign company may change its domicile to Mauritius and continue as a GBC1, provided re-domiciliation is permitted in the jurisdiction where the company is registered.
  • A GBC1 may be re-domiciled to another jurisdiction.